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Welcome to Big House in the Woods!

Big House in the Woods is about becoming debt-free and enjoying the lifestyle afterward…because that’s the goal, right? Financial security, early retirement, and living your dreams.

My husband and I are debt free and mortgage-free homeowners (and have been since we were 25).

We don’t owe for anything. Our house is paid for. The cars are paid for. The UTVs are paid for. We don’t owe on credit cards or anything else you can owe on. We bought our first house after we had been married 4 months (he was 24 and I was 23).

We had a mortgage for 13 months and that was it. We saved every penny and put it toward that mortgage. After we paid it off, we went on a cruise.

We have been on 10 cruises since we paid off our first and only mortgage.

We just built our dream house on five acres (debt free). We contracted the house ourselves and saved a ton…naturally.

I started Big House in the Woods because, over the years, so many people have said, “You should write a book!” It’s not that we’re particularly special. We just like going against the grain sometimes.

We have different views than some people on debt, saving money, spending money and living frugally.

I hope Big House in the Woods inspires you and provides you with valuable information. If I’m lucky, I might even make you laugh sometimes.

So, get started! Browse around and find a topic you like!

If you are beginning your debt-free journey or thinking about it, start here.

If you have already been down that road and you are now living your debt-free dreams, I have plenty on that topic too! Cheers!

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