10 best inexpensive games for family game night at home

The 10 Best Inexpensive Games for Family Game Night at Home

We LOVE playing games together! We don’t watch much TV so if the weather isn’t cooperating and we can’t play outside, we play games together inside.

During the summer, we spend many evenings on the screened porch (away from the mosquitoes) playing games. It’s a very pleasant way to spend time together.

So, I thought all of you might be interested in a list of our favorites! These are unique ideas that you probably haven’t heard of.

1. UNO Dare
Mattel Games CDY11 UNO: Dare – Card Game
This game makes me laugh hysterically. I’m not even kidding.

2. Monopoly Deal
Monopoly Deal Games
This is the fast paced version of Monopoly…because who has time to play monopoly for hours?

3. Pass the Pigs Party Edition
Pass The Pigs (Party Edition) (Colors May Vary)
We all LOVE this game! It’s so funny to listen to the kids trying to get a “leaning jowler.”

4. Hot Potato
Ideal Hot Potato Electronic Musical Passing Kids Party Game
When you just want to play something quick and fast paced…this is it!

5. The Struggle for Catan Card Game
Struggle for Catan
Catan is one of our favorite games. HOWEVER, we don’t always have the patience to play the full game with kids running around. This card game is a nice alternative.

6. Farkle
Farkle Dice Cup
Fun and quick dice game

7. Suspend
Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game
We love playing this game outside on the patio!

8. Sequence Dice
Sequence Dice
Even our 3-yeaer-old is good at this game!

9. Pirates of the Caribbean Battle Ship
Battleship Command Pirates of the Caribbean
This version of Battle Ship takes it up to the next level. It takes strategic planning and it’s so much fun!

10. Toss Up
Patch ProductsToss-Up Dice Game
This is fun to play and chat at the same time. We’ve even been known to play a few rounds while the kids are napping!

Now all you have to do is plan a family game night!

Have fun! -Lindsey